My current tools

MacBook Air 13" instead of iMac 24" 2007
It’s faster and provides me mobility, but I’m lacking in screen size, I plan to solve this with external monitor.

Sublime Text3 with next packages:

  • package control
  • djaneiro (django support)
  • django-docsearch
  • git (checkout branch python3)
  • jsformat
  • modific (highlighting lines changed since the last commit)
  • sidebar enchancement
  • sublimelinter (checkout sublime-text-3 branch)
  • theme phoenix

Before this I used PyCharm, it’s very good, but slower.

SourceTree - GUI for Git and Mercurial
I prefer to use command line to add, commit, push and this app for history. It’s a little slow sometimes.

OmniFocus for GTD
Usually I use just two perspectives Business and Personal grouped by due date. It’s useful to have filled estimate field, it gives me possibility to better plan my day.

Toggl for time tracking
Good reports, desktop and iphone apps, I know how I spent my time.

nvALT for notes
Simple and fast.

It looks like a spotlight but much better. I’m using mostly for clipboard history and to:

  • open apps
  • paste notes to nvALT
  • find files
  • calculate
  • search contacts
  • change status in Skype and Messages simultaneously
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