How to plan a day as Indie Developer

This year 1st May was Wednesday. I took another 2 days from my 9-5 job and 2 days from the weekend. The goal was to build a schedule as if I were an indie developer. The main project was to develop an idea for a new iOS app.

The day structure was:

  • wake up around 6:30
  • coffee and journaling session
  • work without distractions from 7 to 11-12 on the main project
  • run or strength session
  • lunch and an hour of relaxation
  • an easy work on other projects for 2-3 hours: editing YouTube videos, preparing blog posts, fixing small bugs in other apps
  • after 4 p.m. free time for cooking, walking, home tasks, etc.

It worked very well. I made good progress in all areas, learned new things, and built a prototype for the new app.

The principal idea of this schedule is to focus on the main task first. The side effect is no energy after. Each day after lunch, I planned to film a YouTube video. Each day, I postponed it. Filming is energy-consuming for me, and the energy was spent in the morning. The last day I switched, I filmed in the morning and was able to film two videos, but after that not a lot of progress with the app.

This is the most beautiful part of indie dev. I can choose what I’ll do today, and change the planning and priorities at any moment. It gives a sense of freedom. So, I’ll keep moving in this direction.

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