How to use multiple databases with Flask-MongoEngine

Sometimes it’s a good idea to use different databases for different parts of the application, they can have different requirements for performance and backup strategy or as a step to split a monolith to microservices.

Here is an example of configuration for Flask and MongoEngine.


     "ALIAS": "default",
     "DB":    'my_db1',
     "HOST": os.environ.get('MONGODB1_HOST', 'localhost'),
     "PORT": int(os.environ.get('MONGODB1_PORT', 27017))
     "DB": 'my_db2',
     "HOST": os.environ.get('MONGODB2_HOST', 'localhost'),
     "PORT": int(os.environ.get('MONGODB2_PORT', 27017))

class Stats(Document):

    meta = {
        'indexes': [...],
        'db_alias': MONGODB_STATS_ALIAS
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