Notebook stand as a solution for the back pain

Notebook stand as a solution for the back pain

The health is one of the most important part of our life and the programming work affects it a lot. For the years I had a pain in my back, sometimes less, sometimes more, at the beginning it was a low back pain, now it’s upper back.

The reasons in my case are:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • bad posture from childhood
  • bad ergonomy of the working and sleeping places

For the last point I did not attach importance to the fact that I’m using a notebook. In fact the upper back pain started after I changed iMac to MacBook Air in 2013. After my colleage pointed out this reason to me, I bought the mStand and I can say that it helped a lot. From the technical point it’s good, solid, the color matches my macbook, a height is confortable.

The other actions I also made in the last year:

  • changed a mattres and a pillow, I use the one from Ikea - after this I stopped feeling the pain in the morning
  • went to the osteopath - when the pain is very annoying, it helps to reduce it quickly. With my medical assurance in France I have 3 free visits.

The problem still exists, but is greatly reduced. I’ll try to solve it this year completely. The next step for this is to stick to regular physical activity at least two times a week without interruptions more than for one week. Before I had the periods of activity, but i could not stick to it more than for 3 months. This time I have engagment in the fitness club for 12 month. From my experience two times per week is a minimum which helps. Also I want to try some device for posture correction, something like Lumo Lift.

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