Bullet Journaling vs Todoist

It’s about a year when I moved to Todoist from Wunderlist. And that was right, there are no new posts in the Wunderlist blog or in the Microsoft To-Do blog. On other side Todoist is updated regularly, my karma is growing and it works well. But there are some things, as for Wunderlist, that i’m missing:

  • the week/month plan
  • overview of previous week/month
  • tracking for the repeating tasks

So two month ago I decided to try Bullet Journal system and it works well for me. There were some doubts about the integrations with a calendar, emails and Todoist, I solved it the next way - in journal I keep general tasks and in Todoist more detailed lists. Like:

  • process emails in journal - list of emails in Todoist
  • work on some project in journal - subtasks for this project in Todoist

For the calendar I have a duplication for the events which I need to share, but I don’t have so many such events.

So, now I can more easily say what I achieved in the previous week, month and what I’m planning in the next. Other advantages:

  • it provokes a more careful attitude to planning, because I don’t want to rewrite a task from day to day, as it often happens in a computer version
  • it flexible and constantly evolve
  • i like to do it with a real notebook and pens
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