2023 Achievements

2023 Achievements

This blog has been on hold since 2020, and every year I’m thinking of restarting it. This year is no exception.

The stopping factor was that it’s the technical blog. Yet, I write a lot during journaling and when preparing YouTube videos. I don’t know if I’ll be able to transform them into blog posts, but I’ll try.

The goal for now is to rebuild the habit and post 1-2 times per month. And in this first, and I hope not the last post, I share some of my achievements in 2023.

YouTube channel with my head 🔗

  • planned 18 videos
  • published 12 videos and 11 shorts
  • the growth slowed down this year

It’s the most difficult and time-consuming project, but means a lot for my personal growth. The plan for the next year again is 18 videos, 12 is good, but I’ll try to exchange quality for quantity.

YouTube channel with hikes and travels 🔗

  • planned 18 videos
  • published 15 videos and 27 shorts
  • subscribers growth - 44%, views - 132%

I see the problems, I see how to make the next videos better, and I have ideas. So I’ll keep it going and target again for 12-18 videos and some shorts.

New iOS app: Simple Border - No Crop 🔗

The app is designed to add a border to the photo to keep the aspect ratio for Instagram.

It’s not a complex app, but there are some users. I use it too. It allows me to do experiments and prepare for the next app.

Half Marathon in Krakow, Poland 🔗

Run in 2:18, improved time by 7 minutes.

Next is in Paris in March, if my back will allow me.

Health is again one of the main points for the next year. It’s not perfect. I need to work on the pains in my back and shoulder. I’m happy that I put effort last year, otherwise I’d be in a much worse place.

EuroPython conference in Prague

The amazing experience of being part of the wonderful community. It motivates me to learn and try new things. I never regretted that I switched to Python 13 years ago.

Instagram 🔗

Published 145 posts. The growth stopped in February. Instagram almost does not show my posts to no-followers. But photography is the most satisfying hobby for me. Publishing motivates me to keep developing this skill.

X, Threads 🔗

I sometimes post something, but I have no plans or expectations. When I open them, I tend to lose too much time reading and scrolling.

2023 was a productive year, and 2024 looks promising too.

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