StackOverflow changes from 2013 to 2017

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Here is an update for StackOverflow statistics for the users with a reputation more than 300. The last measure was made in January 2013.

I almost stopped to answer from the beginning of 2014. At that time I had a reputation around 1600, now it’s 2630.

The number of users growed more than 3 times, but the distribution by reputation is mostly the same.

StackOverflow Charts

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A month ago I began to participate in StackOverflow process. So I was interested to collect some statistics data and find where am I in this game. StackOverflow has a good API with limits for 300 requests/days for anonymous user and 10 000 requests/day for authorized. I created a simple bot on python, collected data to MongoDb and built these charts. With 10 000 requests and page size 100 I got users from highest reputation (524k) to 269. So I built these charts starting from reputation of 300.

The number of users with reputation > 300 is 96 654. And total number of users is about 1 375 000. So the percent of active users is about 7%.