AngularJs 1.5 controllers inheritance

In the first place there is a good style guide for Angular.

When you need to reuse the code of some controller and use controllerAs syntax, you can use inheritance with the call() method.

(function () {

    'use strict';

    angular.module('app.controllers').controller('ChildController1', ChildController1);
    angular.module('app.controllers').controller('ChildController2', ChildController2);

    ChildController1.$inject = ['$scope', '$sce'];
    ChildController2.$inject = ['$scope', '$sce'];

    function ChildController1($scope, $sce) {, $scope, $sce, 'Title 1');

    function ChildController2($scope, $sce) {, $scope, $sce, 'Title 2');

    function BaseController($scope, $sce, title) {
        var vm = this;
        vm.title = title;
        vm.sendMessage = function() { };

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