12-Week Review - Q1/2024

For accountability, I decided to publish 12-week reviews. In a month there is not always something big happening, so I start with a year quarter. Maybe I’ll transform it into a newsletter later. I’ll publish it as a YouTube video too.

For this review, I share 3 areas.


Youtube - Andrey Zhukov

This channel with me talking is in stagnation. There are almost no subscribers, only 6 since last year. The last videos have less than 100 views. So I decided that I can relax, try to pay less attention to errors and quality, and reduce time on producing a video. The main goal for now is just to continue to develop talking-to-camera skills. I’ll continue to write scripts because I don’t use English in everyday life, but I’ll try to use it less during recording. Here is a video with this review.


Youtube - Nature

On this channel I publish videos from my travels and hikes, no talking just music to relax. It’s going better. There are almost 200 subscribers. My last video from Paris got 2500 views in a week. I have footage for other several videos, so it keeps going at the planned pace.


My Instagram account has zero growth in a year. I don’t know if my account is shadow-banned, my photos are not interesting or Instagram is not for photos anymore. But I’ll keep posting regularly, it forces me to go out to take photos, review them, and develop photography skills. Maybe I’ll rethink this when I’ll have a better camera. Now all I have is an iPhone 11 and a small drone.

This blog

Nothing special, I keep trying to rebuild my habit with 2 posts in a month.

Indie dev

Simple Border 🔗

At the end of the last year, I added a subscription plan to it. In the previous 12 weeks, I experimented with prices. To my surprise, I got some subscribers, not a lot, but at least it pays off 99$ for my participation in the Apple Developer Program. The plan for the next 12 weeks is to continue making small fixes, play with prices, try a lifetime subscription, and add at least one new feature.

Also, I have an idea for the new iOS app in the travel area. I will try to build a prototype in the May holidays.


The other project I started came from YouTube needs. I joined an Amazon Affiliate Program, I have links in the video descriptions, but there have been no sales in 6 months and it’s expired. Now I need to update a lot of videos with new links. I prepared a script for me to automate the process but decided to go further and make a public website. I don’t think it will be profitable, there are some limitations on Google’s side. I just want to develop my finisher habit. The plan is to release it this month to free time for other projects.


My goal for the previous period was to run 3 times per week, strengthen 3 times per week even if it’s 15 minutes, stretch every day, calculate calories, and run a half marathon in March in Paris. I achieved it. For the next period, it’s almost the same except I don’t plan another half-marathon and I’m increasing the strength training to 30 minutes.

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