My 5 use cases for iPad

I bought iPad 11" one year ago and I had a lot of doubts about it usefulness, it’s not one of the cheapest devices. If you are in the same position, maybe this post will help you.


The first and primary use case for me is to use it as a replacement for paper, because I was tired from my paper notebook. This includes the several parts:

  • my implementation of the bullet journaling, i mostly use some sort of week view
  • drawing draft architecture schemas for my work
  • quick notes on phone calls
  • signing pdfs

To make the experience of writing more satisfying I’m using a paperlike screen protector from Moshi, it’s very easy to attach and detach and it feels good. I’m paperless now, I have no scanner and I have no printer, in fact I was required to print something only two times for the last year.

The second important use case is the technical books. For fiction I still prefer the Kindle. But for technical books it’s quite important to have a big screen sometimes with colors to see the code examples and the schemas. Also it’s much easier to note something.

The third one is a sidecar mode, I use it rarely, but when I need extra space it’s very helpful. The main problem here is that I always want to make an action by touching it and it works only with pencil.

The next one is photos, it’s great to review and clean them or to show them to the friends and family.

And finally the time killers - youtube, instagra, reddit. The bonus use case is the games for my daughter.

Also I want to mention some downsides.

  • I don’t like to use it for the video calls, because the eye view goes sideway, no feeling of the eye to eye contact.
  • I like the thin border aesthetics without home button, but the unlock by face id does not work well when it lays flat on the table or sometimes the hand closes the camera.

My resume

For me it worths the money. I use it every day and I’m feeling more productive. I still searching how I can use it more. 11 inches is enough for me and I have no plans to change it for a newer or bigger version.

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