How to Overcome Procrastination: A Mindset Shift for Productivity

How to Overcome Procrastination: A Mindset Shift for Productivity

As responsible individuals, we often find ourselves prioritizing others over our own goals. If you’ve ever struggled to make progress on a personal project, this mindset change might be the key to unlocking your productivity.


For several months, my goal was to add a subscription to one of my iOS applications. One day, I checked my performance for the previous month and found that I spent on project only 2 hours. I decided to experiment. What if I treated my project as if it were a freelance job?


Imagine promising your client (it can be your future self) that you’ll complete the project. When you fail to execute, you’ll need to explain why. This accountability drives action.

Visualize the gratitude a client will express when the project is completed. This positive anticipation motivates you to take consistent steps forward.

In two weeks I used 30 hours for my project and finished all the tasks I planned.

Additional Tips for Productivity

Here are some other tips that helped me along the way:

  • Make Your Schedule: Make a schedule that works for you. On working days, I wake up at 6 AM. I use 20-30 minutes for my morning routine (journaling and coffee), followed by 1 hour of focused work before my daughter wakes up. On weekends I have 5 hours in the morning and I’m completely free after noon.
  • Flow state: Use large time blocks for one task when it’s possible.
  • App Management: To start work faster, close unnecessary apps in the evening. I just restarting my Mac with unchecked “Reopen windows” options. Keep only what you’ll need in the morning. A fresh start helps streamline your focus.
  • Log Progress: Before ending work in the evening, log where you stopped and outline the next steps for the morning. This continuity minimizes mental friction.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Enable this mode to avoid distractions from messengers during work hours.
  • Downtime Option: Block social apps in the mornings and before bedtime. Consider reading a book before sleep instead.
  • Temperature and Lighting: Adjust your environment. Automatic heating before waking up (with some noise) can make getting out of bed easier. Consider using a lamp that simulates sunrise.
  • Prioritize Sleep: Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep before your alarm. It, of course, depends on your sleep requirements.
  • Health: Cardio, strength, stretch - do not forget about them.
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