Remote model in Flask-Admin

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The task is to show a model from another application in Flask-Admin. A way to do it is to overwrite BaseModelView and get the data through HTTP request. Here is a simple example for a sortable list with a pagination.

Bullet Journaling vs Todoist

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It’s about a year when I moved to Todoist from Wunderlist. And that was right, there are no new posts in the Wunderlist blog or in the Microsoft To-Do blog. On other side Todoist is updated regularly, my karma is growing and it works well. But there are some things, as for Wunderlist, that i’m missing:

  • the week/month plan
  • overview of previous week/month
  • tracking for the repeating tasks

So two month ago I decided to try Bullet Journal system and it works well for me. There were some doubts about the integrations with a calendar, emails and Todoist, I solved it the next way - in journal I keep general tasks and in Todoist more detailed lists. Like:

  • process emails in journal - list of emails in Todoist
  • work on some project in journal - subtasks for this project in Todoist

For the calendar I have a duplication for the events which I need to share, but I don’t have so many such events.

So, now I can more easily say what I achieved in the previous week, month and what I’m planning in the next. Other advantages:

  • it provokes a more careful attitude to planning, because I don’t want to rewrite a task from day to day, as it often happens in a computer version
  • it flexible and constantly evolve
  • i like to do it with a real notebook and pens

Celery flower for several applications

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If there is a need to monitor several applications, there are two ways:

  • run celery flower instance for each application
celery flower --app app1.celeryapp --port=5555
celery flower --app app2.celeryapp --port=5556
  • run celery flower with broker option, there will be less options to control tasks
celery flower --broker=redis://redis/0

Celery checklist

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There is a good checklist to build great celery async tasks.

I want only to add how to autoreload celery worker in development mode. Before there was an --autoreload option, but now it’s removed. For this task I use watchdog.

pip install watchdog
watchmedo auto-restart --recursive -d app -p '*.py' -i '*.pyc' -- celery worker --app app.celeryapp --queues my_query -n my_queue@%h --loglevel INFO

How to log user ip in Docker Swarm

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There is a long standing issue for this task. The logs looks like: - - [15/Mar/2018:15:32:15 +0000] “GET / HTTP/2.0” 200

One of the solutions, from the issue’s comments, is to run a service in the host mode, the swarm load balancing for this service will not work. But if there is a load balancer behind the swarm cluster, it seems not a big problem.

Export and import for MongoEngine model in Flask-Admin

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Another tip for Flask-Admin. The task’s requirements are:

  • possibility to choose some model’s objects and download them in JSON
  • possibility to upload them back

There is a ModelView property can_export, it adds an action to export in CSV or another format supported by tablib, but it does not allow to select records and there is no import. So for my task it’s not a solution.

The export is easy to do with an action decorathor.

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