Bullet Journaling vs Todoist

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It’s about a year when I moved to Todoist from Wunderlist. And that was right, there are no new posts in the Wunderlist blog or in the Microsoft To-Do blog. On other side Todoist is updated regularly, my karma is growing and it works well. But there are some things, as for Wunderlist, that i’m missing:

  • the week/month plan
  • overview of previous week/month
  • tracking for the repeating tasks

So two month ago I decided to try Bullet Journal system and it works well for me. There were some doubts about the integrations with a calendar, emails and Todoist, I solved it the next way - in journal I keep general tasks and in Todoist more detailed lists. Like:

  • process emails in journal - list of emails in Todoist
  • work on some project in journal - subtasks for this project in Todoist

For the calendar I have a duplication for the events which I need to share, but I don’t have so many such events.

So, now I can more easily say what I achieved in the previous week, month and what I’m planning in the next. Other advantages:

  • it provokes a more careful attitude to planning, because I don’t want to rewrite a task from day to day, as it often happens in a computer version
  • it flexible and constantly evolve
  • i like to do it with a real notebook and pens

An update for the productivity apps list

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An update for the productivity apps list

Several productivity apps I added to this list in the last month.

  • HazeOver - automatically highlights the front window by fading out all the background windows.
  • Hazel - watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create.
  • Bartender - lets you organize your menu bar apps.
  • iStatMenus - adds system monitor to your menu bar.

For iTerm2 I failed to setup Automatic Profile Switching, but I found a good solution here - Change terminal color when SSH from OS-X.

Alfred Workflow to add an email from Mail.app to Todoist inbox

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There is a way to add an email to Todoist by sending it to a special address, the only thing that annoing me, that it doesn’t keep a link to the message in Mail.app.

I created a simple Alfred workflow, which takes the selected messages in Mail.app, creates a Markdown links as [email subject](message://message_id) and send it to Todoist Inbox using its API.

You can find the details about installation and usage in sneawo/mailapp-to-todoist repository.

Microsoft killed Wunderlist

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Sadly, Microsoft is killing Wunderlist, more info in an official blog and on thenextweb.com. So it’s time to try something else, my requirements:

  • should work on any device
  • possibility to share lists with my family
  • sub projects, minimum two levels
  • possibility to review next and previous weeks
  • possibility to review all tasks
  • developer API

Some of these does not exists in Wunderlist, but covered by wunderweek.com, which I created at the end of 2016. The domain is paid till October, so it will continue to work till then. Also I added a view to show all tasks in one place, so they can be easily transfered to TaskPaper.

My current tools

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MacBook Air 13” instead of iMac 24” 2007
It’s faster and provides me mobility, but I’m lacking in screen size, I plan to solve this with external monitor.

Sublime Text3 with next packages:

  • package control
  • djaneiro (django support)
  • django-docsearch
  • git (checkout branch python3)
  • jsformat
  • modific (highlighting lines changed since the last commit)
  • sidebar enchancement
  • sublimelinter (checkout sublime-text-3 branch)
  • theme phoenix

Before this I used PyCharm, it’s very good, but slower.

SourceTree - GUI for Git and Mercurial
I prefer to use command line to add, commit, push and this app for history. It’s a little slow sometimes.

OmniFocus for GTD
Usually I use just two perspectives Business and Personal grouped by due date. It’s useful to have filled estimate field, it gives me possibility to better plan my day.

Toggl for time tracking
Good reports, desktop and iphone apps, I know how I spent my time.

nvALT for notes
Simple and fast.

It looks like a spotlight but much better. I’m using mostly for clipboard history and to:

  • open apps
  • paste notes to nvALT
  • find files
  • calculate
  • search contacts
  • change status in Skype and Messages simultaneously